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About the Company

House of Marigold sells quality watches, jewellery, and eyewear. House of Marigold strives to provide personalized customer services. From our wide range of reliable products, find yourself or a loved one a life-long treasure.

House of Marigold is founded and propertied by Shilpa Choksi. House of Marigold originally started as a producer of high-end luxury watches called Marigold Watches. Marigold Watches is our collection of hand-crafted, original design, timepieces. Our intricately detailed watch dials are studded in precious stones. Marigold Watches are detailed with VVS and FGH color diamonds, 18k gold, and a Swiss ETA movement. Marigold Watches strives to serve a niche clientele with every watch being hand-crafted by our expert artisans.

With the success of Marigold Watches we launched Jacaranda Watches and Aabhasa Watches. The watches in Jacaranda Watches and Aabhasa Watches collections are affordable yet sumptuous.

Meet the Designer
Shilpa Choksi

Designer Message

“Life is beautiful, Live the moment and make the most of it.”

Established & Celebrity watch designer Shilpa Choksi lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Shilpa has carved a niche for herself by starting a jewellery & watch brands across in India & United States.

Her collection of Marigold, Jacaranda, and Aabhasa Watches, aspires to give many new meanings to this vital accessory. Shilpa Choksi envisioned the wristwatch as not just a functional accessory but a piece of art, and an heirloom.


Marigold Museum

A Villa in a quiet neighborhood is piecing together the saga of time through clock mechanics and dials. Designed around the baroque theme, House of Marigold Museum, wherein the legendary lyricist Gulzar’s haunting voice narrates the saga of time.

The museum is an endeavor of the company’s first flagship boutique, which will display Marigold watches and it’s two sub brands, Aabhasa and Jacaranda.

Marigold Watches

Marigold Watches are distinctive timepieces created in gold and real diamonds, studded with precious stones. The designs are a mélange of tradition and contemporary appealing to connoisseurs of art. The collections are inspired by nature


Aabhasa Watches

The watches in the Aabhasa Watches collection are shimmering timepieces featuring a Japanese quartz movement, Cubic Zirconium, Australian Rhinestone studded dials with brass casing. Mother of pearl dials with freshwater pearls, Rose /Rhodium bands with white gold plating. Aabhasa Watches were born from the need to have an Indian alternative with international quality in watches that appeals to the bold and avant-garde clientele of India.

Jacaranda watch

Jacaranda watches are a perfect combination of quality, unique design, and elegance. Delicately crafted in silver and gold plated meshes, studded in zirconium, and other vibrant colorful semi-precious gemstones. Jacaranda Watches provide flawless hand-crafted timepieces for your everyday.


Jacaranda Jewellery

Jacaranda Jewellery which is another brand from the House of Marigold redefines the heirloom. The Jacaranda Jewellery collection is inspired by the ever so graceful vintage trends, adding just the right mixture of class and sophistication into them. Contemporary yet traditional, the designs from the Jacaranda Jewellery collection perfectly marry the old-world tradition with a strong sense of glamour.